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Hemkund Sahib Tour

Hemkund Sahib (also standard as Hemkunt Sahib) is situated in Himalayas at Hemkund Parbat on Hemkund Lake, the "lake of ice" sheltered by "seven peaks" on all sides with every peak decorated by a Nishan Sahib on their cliffs. It is in Chamoli area of Uttrakhand state of India at the tallness of 15200 ft. surrounded by the Saptashringa peak (seven snow-clad peaks), which are together called Hemkund Parvat, it mirrors its surrounds on the see-through waters. The lake is the basis of the Laxman Ganga (also call Hem Ganga) stream that merge with the Pushpawati watercourse flowing from the Valley of Flowers. From this tip on, the stream is called Laxman Ganga.

Hemkund is a Sanskrit name resulting from Hem sense Snow and Kund sense pool. The road to Hemkund is enclosed by snow most of time of the year but is managebale to wrap by foot from Ghangaria or Gobind Ghat (7 kms) from June to September end as it is Summer & torrential rain periods when snowstorm melt for a small time. Gobind Ghat is further convenient from Govind Ghat (13 kms) on foot. For visiting Hemkund, Govind Ghat is linked with Road on Rishikesh-Badrinath thoroughfare.

located in the Valley of Flowers, this Sikh holy place is visit not only by the Sikhs, but by populace of all faiths and religion. A Lakshman place of worship close by is a well-liked place of Hindu pilgrimage. A very all the rage trekking purpose, Hemkund is a 15 km hike as of Gobindghat. The hike takes one from side to side pine forest where rhododendron, wild roses, ferns and alpine plants abound. Guru Gobind Singh Ji the Tenth Master in one of his great holy composition entitled "Bachittar Natak" while giving a hint or point out this good site Hemkund Sahib or Hemkunt Sahib:
Ab mae apni katha bakhano.
(Now I tell my own tale)
Hemkunt parbat hae jahan. Sapat sring sobhit hae tahan.
(Hemkunt Mountain is favorably located in the midst of "Spat Sring", a mountain-chain of the Himalyas)
Tah hum adhik tappasia saadhi.
(At that site I meditate heavily on God in the preceding birth)
Tin prabh jab aais muhe dia. Tab ham janam kalloo meh lia.
(When the enormous allowable me then I took birth in the dim age).
Sri Hemkunt Sahib is easy to get to only in the summer, among June and October. The rest of the year, heavy snows make passageway impossible, and typically block off the trail most important up to the shrine.

Places to visit:
: Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara, Hemkund
: Vasudhara Falls, Hemkund
: Nanda Devi National Park, Hemkund
: Vasudhara Falls, Hemkund
: Pandukeshwar, Hemkund
: Lakshman Temple, Hemkund
: Kagbhusandi Tal, Hemkund
: Gobindham, Hemkund.

Opening Date: 25 May 2019

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